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Originally aired 10a EST | FRI, MAY 1, 2020

Agile Design: Making Courses Work Online and Face-to-Face

In a world where teachers may need to toggle back and forth between online and face to face, designing for both modalities is important. Adam Lavallee, teacher at Episcopal Academy, former EXPLO faculty member, and Learning Design Coach with Global Online Academy, discusses practical structures to help teachers develop courses that have the flexibility to be taught both online and face-to-face. He shares best practices in creating learning opportunities for students and how to support teachers who are creating or converting courses for a completely online experience.


  • Intentional about time: Asynchronous vs. Synchronous (source)
  • Learning: not homework or class work, just work to learn
  • Cognitive Load: Creating structures that allow students to focus on learning
  • Accountability: Using micro-deadlines and feedback plans to add structure

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