We Condemn Pervasive Violence and Racism Across the U.S.

A Letter to the EXPLO Community from President Moira Kelly

By Moira Kelly
June 2, 2020


Dear EXPLO Community,

Given the events of the past few days here in the United States, I find myself asking:  “What do I write? What do I say?”  

I don’t have any words that can illuminate anyone’s understanding, frame things more clearly, or bring calm and peace. But I need to say something. I can add my voice —clear and strong—to the swelling chorus that points to what is not acceptable by any measure.


It just continues to happen over and over again. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others whose stories are untold. The similarities between the tragic deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Eric Garner on Staten Island in 2014 are simply breathtaking. Again and again. When will it end?

We mourn those who have died. We weep for their families. We support those who peacefully protest.

We condemn all those who commit violence in the names of those who have died, as well those who ruthlessly and opportunistically use George Floyd’s death to divide this nation further. 

We are all part of a common humanity. We need to deeply scrutinize ourselves, our institutions, and our systems to root out the evil that has too many citizens fearing for their lives and their livelihoods. It is time to rise up — yes, in a non-violent fashion —but with fervor and absolute conviction, to shout that we will not tolerate hate wherever it lives whether brazenly flaunting itself or when it hides in the shadows whispering to those who pass by. 

This evil touches us all. It clouds the crucible in which we bring up our children. It makes us distrust our neighbors and fellow citizens. It makes us doubt what is possible. It turns too many into cynics and forces too many to live with their heads down.

It is time for change, and only by raising our heads and locking arms can we make that happen.

With a sad, but resolute heart,

Moira Kelly
President, Exploration Learning