Pete Talbot

Senior Consultant

Pete Talbot has spent nearly 25 years working directly with students, teachers, and school leaders across the United States and around the world. Pete’s experiences in civic education, leadership development, and education research provide him with a deep and diverse wellspring of knowledge to draw upon to provide strategic advice and professional learning.

Most recently, Pete was a Managing Director with the Education Advisory Board (EAB), providing strategic, best-practice research for higher education and K12 schools. With EAB, Pete was responsible for launching the research practice for heads of independent schools, which was built on case studies of best and emerging practices at nearly 150 independent schools across the country. He led EAB’s research on digital marketing, faculty recruiting and professional development, and adolescent mental health, giving him a unique and comprehensive perspective on the state of independent schools. In this capacity, Pete presented research findings to boards, executive teams, faculty, and parents.

Prior to EAB, Pete spent 8 years working for the Advisory Board Company doing research and curriculum development for the company’s management and leadership development division. He developed leadership training modules on topics ranging from Problem Solving & Innovation to Managing Disruptive Staff.

Prior to the Advisory Board Company, Pete worked for the non-profit, non-partisan Close Up Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia. During his 10-year tenure there, Pete worked with students and teachers from around the globe, teaching about current issues, democracy, and citizenship. Pete spent much of his tenure training instructors and teachers to employ interactive and experiential learning methods. Beyond his work in curriculum development and training, Pete worked closely with the President and CEO on partnerships, fundraising, and board relations.

Pete is thrilled to be partnering with EXPLO Elevate to help independent schools meet the challenges of adapting to the COVID crisis and building innovative, sustainable institutions that will shape students for generations to come.