Amanda Riegel

Amanda Riegel

Excelle Director

With over 20 years working in and among independent schools, Amanda understands the unique characteristics and skill-set that will optimize success for school leadership. Her smooth transition from teacher/ coach into the Development Office at Friends Academy (Locust Valley, NY) illustrated the foundational power of relationship-building and inspired a further trajectory into Advancement at other schools such as Buckingham, Browne & Nichols and The Wheeler School. Furthermore, her experience in founding Girls on the Run in Rhode Island enabled Amanda to apply her successes in education to a broader audience. Energized by her work in recruiting board members, stewardship of founding stakeholders, and hiring administrative staff, Amanda enjoyed similar challenges in the academic field as a search consultant at Carney, Sandoe & Associates.

In recruiting women heads of primarily independent schools, Amanda saw a trend of incredibly talented female leaders reluctant to take the plunge because of how the position is perceived, specifically related to potential sacrifices to the work/life balance. Additionally, her experience leading the search process and transitioning a woman head into The Gordon School where she is Board Chair gave her deep insight into the myriad details surrounding the role. Inspired to optimize this critical moment in a new head’s career, she helped enhance her search firm’s transition practice, focusing on the principle that relationship building provides the essential foundation for success in school communities.

As Founding Director of Excelle, Amanda has applied these insights into a dynamic and useful resource for women. Partnering with EXPLO Elevate, Amanda has created a leadership network for current and up-and-coming women independent school leaders. The network consists of two dynamic cohorts, intentionally designed to provide current and aspiring heads with a collective sense of empowerment, companionship, insight, empathy, and confidence as a result of being in relationship with each other. She believes that participation in a collective of similarly positioned women will provide the personal and professional self-care that women heads desperately need yet are too busy to create.

Amanda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The College of William and Mary where she was a co-captain of both the Division One Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams. She also earned a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.