If your school had a research team, what would you study? What data would you track? What stories would you tell? We develop in-depth research reports for our members, and work with schools to take on the critical research projects you need to move ahead.

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Making the Hidden Visible: The Lived Experience of DEIJ Practitioners
in Independent Schools

Our Research Agenda

We conduct in-depth research on practical topics based on trends we are seeing in independent and public schools. Reports are free for member schools and can also be purchased. Our research agenda includes:

  • Curriculum Review and Renewal
  • Building a Science Research Program
  • Onboarding and Retaining Staff
  • Developing an Institutional Research Function
  • Self-Regulated Learning
  • Preparing students to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Working with EXPLO Elevate was both very helpful and inspiring. Sudipti Kumar was a true partner for me in thinking through the right questions to ask and then diving deeply into the research to explore the possibilities.

Maureen Burgess Assistant Director of Learning and Innovation

Ways we can help you

We conduct custom research and build the capacity of your Institutional Research Department.

Conduct Custom Research

Is your school grappling with a question that requires a research or evidence base to provide insight?


We work with individual schools on providing research to study any aspect of their design and structure, from a small departmental curriculum revision to a broad schoolwide reimagining.

Build your Institutional Research Capability

Does your school have an institutional research function that is aligned to your strategic plan?


We work with schools on building your internal institutional research capability through the creation of a customized plan. Move from a school that has data, to a school that uses data to inform decision-making.

Be your Institutional Research Department

What if you don’t have the capacity or budget for an institutional research department? 


We can serve as your school’s institutional research department, helping you determine the key questions you need answered, and then collect, analyze, and report the data to support strategic decision-making.

What is an Institutional Research Function and what is its value?

Higher Education institutions have utilized the institutional research (IR) function for many years. Many schools in the primary and secondary space are now looking to incorporate IR into their daily practice as well. In its broadest definition, institutional research at the K-12 level means collecting and utilizing data and research to inform decision making in key areas across the school including enrollment, student experience, faculty hiring and retention, diversity, equity and inclusion, curricular changes, graduation, and post-secondary enrollment.

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