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If your school had a research team, what would you study? What data would you track? What stories would you tell? We work with our member schools to develop, support, and take on the critical research projects you use to stay one step ahead.

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Fueling an Innovative Culture

Discover a deeply-researched survey tool for assessing the culture of innovation at independent schools. Follow one school as they use this tool to re-examine their culture and better prepare students in an age of increasing volatility.

Research Idea Proposals:

What do you want to research?

Do you have an idea for a research project? Data to track? Stories to tell? We are idea hunters. If you have a research wish and lack the staffing or time to pull it off, share it here!

Research Catalog

Tools for Navigating Change

Case Study
This case study focuses on a school wrestling with the decision to eliminate Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the realization that the challenge has many facets. They employ three of the Bridgeway Group’s tools for conflict management: the Stakeholder Mapping Process; the Strategic Trust Tool; and the Ladder of Inference.

  • A school community deciding whether to eliminate AP courses 
  • A look under the hood at the thorny challenges 
  • An introduction to the Bridgeway Group’s tools for conflict management

An Innovation Journey: Catholic Memorial School

Case Study
This report highlights lessons learned from the innovation journey of Catholic Memorial School, an all-boys Catholic day school in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. It provides a compelling narrative on how the school underwent deep change in order to not only survive, but also thrive, both in the short and long-term.

  • Catholic Memorial’s innovation journey 
  • A look into the changes the school made, how, and why 
  • Practical and relevant lessons learned for school leaders

Remote Learning During Covid-19

Resource Toolkit
This collection of resources provides a set of curated links for administrators as well as school faculty as they move towards remote learning during the Covid-19 school shutdown. Tools range from sample letters to parents on virtual school to helpful ed-tech products for teachers.

  • A set of curated resources to support remote learning 
  • Suggestions based on reviewing hundreds of resources 
  • Helpful links for administrators and faculty

Social Media Use in Generation Z: The Rise in Anxiety and Depression

Issue Brief
This short report provides relevant research on the dramatic uptick in social media use by young people today and the correlated rise in anxiety and depression. Examples on how other countries and schools have enacted policies to limit cell phone use during the school day are also shared.

  • The research behind the rise in social media use and anxiety in teenagers 
  • Recommendations on what schools can do 
  • Examples of other countries, districts, and schools cell phone policies