Reopening in a Time of Volatility and Uncertainty

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is tremendous uncertainty about what school will look like this fall. Will we be back to in-person on-campus teaching and learning? Will we still be completely online? Or, will some students and teachers come back while some can’t due to travel restrictions or because they or their family members are immuno-compromised?  And does the service level and cost of school vary depending on whether the learning experience is in-person and on-line? Does this present new opportunities for expanding participation and tapping into new markets (public schools, home schoolers, offering micro-credentials, etc). 

EXPLO Elevate can assist schools by identifying models, sorting through the pluses and minuses of each, and helping schools pursue models that are most appropriate given their unique circumstances and capacities.  Once the model or models are identified, then working through the programmatic and operational tasks become key. Our veteran school leaders, supported by a deep research capability, enables us to share emerging practices from across the world while providing guidance on the decision-making models needed to define your school’s plans for the fall.