Identifying a Winning Path:
Re-evaluating School Priorities

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Schools face substantial revenue shortfalls and potential cost increases, thus creating extreme budget pressure. The five-year strategic plan may no longer be relevant – Boards and school leaders will need to step back and question everything they’ve been doing in the past to determine what should persist moving forward. Leaders need to prioritize necessary functions when they are most used to thinking about necessary people. Schools need to pair resources with needs, determining those functions that are essential to preserve, and which can be jettisoned. 

EXPLO Elevate can guide schools through this process of re-evaluating priorities. Our team of veteran school and business leaders can ask the tough questions that others may be unwilling to ask, and help schools determine what is really critical using our 2/5/10 methodology.  We can guide a school through the process of identifying key functions, evaluating each to determine what must stay, what can be made more efficient, and what can be eliminated. EXPLO Elevate will also assist with a change management plan to bring stakeholders (Board, Faculty, Parents, Students, Alums) along with the decisions – sometimes difficult – that will be made.