SUMMER 2023 Professional Learning Catalog

Curiosity is our engine. We challenge assumptions, pursue understanding, and activate minds and voices to help you navigate strategic complexity and enrich teaching and learning.

Elastic Proximity: A Powerful Tool for Considered Teaching Practice

[2-Hour Virtual Workshop]

Teachers need a diverse set of tools to plan for and reflect on their teaching practice (as opposed simply to their teaching content). As best teaching practice...

School Leadership through Storytelling

Available On Request

One of a school leader’s primary missions is to create conditions in which faculty, staff, and families can work together effectively to surface, analyze, and solve problems....

Increasing Student Engagement through Storytelling

Available On Request

Improving student engagement is a top priority for schools–but how? Turns out there’s a tried and true method for attracting student engagement that most educators know about...

Undisciplined: Creating Connections to Make Learning Whole

Available On Request

Our world is full of incredible, complex, intriguing puzzles. Each school subject explores pieces of that puzzle. Undisciplined is dedicated to putting the puzzle together – figuring...

Leadership Proximity: Creating the Context for Leadership Success in the School Year to Come

Available On Request

A leader cannot be and should not be Atlas—the weight of the world is not his/her/their job to bear alone. However, it IS the leader’s responsibility to...

Nine Virtues of Leadership

Leveraging the Nine Virtues for Exceptional Leadership

Available On Request

Now more than ever there is a need for character-based leadership. This workshop will explore how leaders can lean into and develop the virtues (Humility, Honesty, Courage,...

Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Action

Available On Request

Too often school boards and leaders put extraordinary effort into creating a strategic plan. However, they are often disappointed with the effectiveness of the end result. Even...

Critical Making: Design Thinking for Educators

LA: Aug 7-10| Designed for: Teaching Faculty, Directors of T+L

Critical Making is the physical embodiment of critical thinking. In this workshop, explore how to design and incorporate more projects into your curriculum that will challenge students...

Supporting Staff Through Change and Uncertainty

8 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Administrators

Supporting faculty and staff has been a central focus of educational leadership efforts, particularly in and during the aftermath of the pandemic.   The comprehensive impact of...

Virtual Whiteboards for Better Collaboration

4 Hours| Virtual | Designed for: Teaching and Learning Faculty

Whiteboards and sticky notes are a staple of active meetings and design thinking exercises. Virtual whiteboard applications recreate (and improve on) the in-person experience of whiteboard collaboration...

Attending EXPLO workshops is an immersive experience in what effective meetings, collaborative problem solving, and purposeful conversations can look like. So many teachers and administrators dread the workshops that we all know are essential to our jobs--but EXPLO shows how they can be inspiring, creative, and focused all at once.

Owen Boynton Morristown-Beard School

We've worked with educators from dozens of schools

Agnes Irwin School
Belmont Hill School
Birches School
Boston Public Schools
Brawerman Elementary School
Brimmer & May School
Brookline Public Schools
Brookwood School
Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School
Cambridge School of Weston
Catholic Memorial School
Charles River School
Clarksville Academy
Collegiate School (NY)
Collegiate School (VA)
Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School
Concord Public Schools
Crossroads School
Culver Academies
Dana Hall School
Deerfield Academy
Derby Academy
Episcopal Academy (PA)
Fenn School
French-American International School (CA)

Haverford School
Hewitt School
Hillbrook School
Inly School
Meadowbrook School
Menlo School
Meridian Academy
Milton Academy
Miss Porter’s School
Montclair Kimberley Academy
Morristown-Beard School
Norwood Public Schools
Oakland Unified School District
Park School (MA)
Park School of Baltimore
Phillips Academy
Pine Crest School
Pingry School
Polytechnic School
Pomfret School
Rashi School
Rivers School
Roxbury Latin School
Rumson Country Day School
Rye Country Day School

San Francisco Friends School
San Francisco University High School
Shady Hill School
Sharon High School
Shore Country Day School
St. Matthew’s School
Stuart Country Day School
Taft School
The Bishop’s School
The Center for Early Education
The Pike School
Trafalgar School for Girls
Village School
Virgin Islands Montessori & International Academy
Wahaha International School
Walnut Hill School
Wareham Public Schools
Wayland High School
Waynflete School
Wesley School
Wheeler School
Willows Community School

Designed For and With You

“Practical,” “relevant,” and “actionable” guide our professional learning design lab. Working in concert with our member schools, thought leaders, and expert practitioners, we develop immersive and lasting experiences that support your leadership, culture-building, and teaching and learning goals.

This is the best workshop that I have ever taken! It is educational, informative and practical. I have felt intimidated by the idea of creative making and incorporating it into the classroom, but now I feel like it is something I can do. I am also wowed by EXPLO’s generosity with their time, ideas, lessons and collaboration.

Jenn Gatti Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

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