New Video Series: Designs in 90 Seconds

by David Hamilton, Director of Programs

We are excited to launch a new super-short video series called, “Designs in 90 Seconds.”

At EXPLO, we believe making is a critical skill. In making these new videos, our goal is to share one resource with you in less than a minute and a half. Some weeks, like this one, we will show you how to put together a teaching tool you could use as manipulative with your students or your faculty. Others, we’ll share our take on concepts central to the current and future state of education.

First up, a design for an adaptable, low-cost mobile (you can build this for less than $3). Use it to kick-off your next lesson on Newton’s Laws of Motion or to better understand the kinetic work of Alexander Calder. Let us know what you think. All the materials you need are in the list below.


Materials List

Ball Bearing Swivels (Size 0)

48″ – 1/8″ Birch Dowels 

8.5″x11″ 65lb Cardstock 

Laser Cutter Plans: mobile hooks (1)

3mm Baltic Birch plywood (for laser cut hangers)


No laser cutter?

You can replace our wooden hangers by using these small O-Rings on the dowel and attaching 14x6mm Mini S-Hooks between the O-Ring and each side of the swivel instead.