New Summer Workshop: UNDISCIPLINED!

We are excited to announce a four-day, dynamic workshop to help you find and create connections between your subject and others!

Undisciplined: Creating Connections for Deeper Learning

AUGUST 8-11 | 9:00AM-3:00PM | The Willows Community School, Culver City, CA

What is interdisciplinary learning? How can we help our learners connect their skills, abilities, and knowledge across disciplines?

Though we teach as specialists, our students are generalists. Join us for a dynamic 4-Day workshop as we explore and practice interdisciplinary learning to create connections between your subject and others, helping all learners better transfer their skills, abilities, and knowledge.

To create deep, lasting learning, we must move our traditional subjects from strict boundaries to open borders, allowing students to transport their skills across disciplines.


MAKE (What will we do?)

  • Design a more inclusive and integrated curriculum
  • Open new pathways for more students to access your content
  • Connect your discipline to real-world examples/problems. Answer, “Why do I have to know this?” with relevance, resonance, and context.
  • Build on the skills students are learning in other courses (transfer)
  • Recharge your classes with great new ideas from content experts inside and outside your discipline
  • Grow your professional network of like-minded Undisciplined educators

TAKE (What will I take back to my school?)

  • Templates & Tools for seeing/connecting disciplinary expertise
  • Interdisciplinary question formulation techniques
  • Thinking routines & practices for pattern-finding
  • Curriculum planning process for integrating skills and ideas across subjects
  • Lasting connections with co-conspirators for your future lesson planning


To learn more about the program, please contact Dave Hamilton.