Looking Ahead to Better Days!

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner.

It has been a “good busy” few weeks at EXPLO Elevate.

Our work has included some fantastic schools: Willows Community School (CA), Greenhills (MI), Phillips Academy-Andover (MA), Inly School (MA), Porter-Gaud School (SC), Millbrook School (NY), and Highlands School (AL). Our frequent flier miles are climbing and will continue to climb this fall. See you in a TSA line near you! …And keep an eye out for us this Fall in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, and Savannah.

The work of governing, leading, and teaching in a school is never easy, and importantly, it is never stagnant. No matter how challenging it is, we believe it is the best work done by any generation for the next. And we must get better at doing it. We must get better at doing it in ways that reach for our own improvement each day, each year.

The common denominator of my recent work has been – whether I have been working with a board of trustees or a leadership team – functional, thoughtful groups of committed individuals coming together for the shared purpose of looking ahead to better days.

The schools I have visited recently feel different than they would have over the last couple years during which trauma and alarm trapped schools in reactive loops, while key relationships between both individuals and groups revealed the heat and brittleness of a sort of metal fatigue.

Predicting how long anything – either positive or negative – will last is a fool’s errand. In reflecting on EXPLO Elevate’s work over the last couple of years, I find a surprising amount that remains highly relevant. Things we wrote as a response to the immediate have demonstrated staying power. Ideas have grown and become smarter, but they have not ceased to be relevant. I encourage you to look back at our pieces regarding Progress Culture, Antifragility, Leadership Proximity, and even my recent piece on Vertical Empathy. Importantly, there is more coming. Upcoming pieces from Sara Mierke and Elise London will challenge us.