Slides that Stick: Designing Multimedia Materials for Learning

5 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads

When well-designed, slides are a powerful teaching tool. They spark inquiry, focus attention, create connections, and prompt questions and dialogue. They help us see (literally) concepts, leading to a better understanding (they make learning stickier.) Without intention, our slides might also undermine our teaching. Our presentations may clutter content and distract our students. This course is a working studio for educators of any discipline and grade level (artistic or design experience is not required) and offers a concise and active guide to visual design for multimedia learning.

Key Questions Covered:
  • What is the brain science around how we process auditory and visual information?
  • When should I (or shouldn’t I) use slides or other multimedia visuals to best support teaching and learning?
  • What universal graphic design principles will make the making of slides faster and the slides themselves more impactful?

COURSE FORMAT: 5 Hours | Virtual

Course hours can be scheduled flexibly. Contact us to coordinate a time and date. Participants may submit a slidedeck for a course you are teaching ahead of time or during the course for individualized feedback.


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