Slides that Stick: Designing Multimedia Materials for Learning

3/1-Hour Workshops | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads

When well-designed, slides are a powerful teaching tool. They help spark inquiry, focus attention, show and create connections, prompt questions and dialogue. They help us see (literally) new concepts, often leading to a better understanding. In short, they make learning stickier. Our slides might also undermine our teaching. Without intention, our presentations may clutter our content and distract our students.

This course is designed for educators of any discipline or grade level (artistic or design experience is not required) and offers a concise and inspiring guide to visual design for multimedia learning. Come learn what makes slides stick:

  • Explore brain science research about how we process auditory and visual information.
  • Discover and apply universal graphic design principles.
  • Organize content using time-saving templates and
  • EXPLO’s inquiry-based framework
  • Re-design your own deck for an upcoming unit
  • Receive individualized feedback from our instructors
  • Share your work with a collaborative and supportive group of colleagues

In working sessions, we will balance technical skills with visual and critical thinking and explore efficient and impactful ways of organizing information and arranging images.

COURSE FORMAT: Three, one-hour, virtual meetings. Choose either Fridays at 12(noon) EDT on the following dates: Nov 13th, Nov 20th, Dec 4th [or] Saturdays at 12(noon) EDT: Nov 14, Nov 21, Dec 5. Sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants.

In addition there will be two, hour-long, optional, studio sessions (to be scheduled with the participants).

Participants may submit a slidedeck for a course you are teaching ahead of time or during the course for individualized feedback.

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Register Now: 11/14 - 12/5 Offering

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