School Leadership through Storytelling

August 7-9 | 9:00am-3:000pm Daily | Boston, MA

One of a school leader’s primary missions is to create conditions in which faculty, staff, and families can work together effectively to surface, analyze, and solve problems.

Creating a supportive, connected school culture doesn’t happen by accident. In this new workshop from Explo and Rabbit Hole Storytelling, school leaders will learn how to turn one of their innate skills–listening to and telling stories–into a highly effective school leadership tool.

We believe:

Whether gathered around the campfire or watching TikToks on our phones, reading novels or comic books, human beings are drawn to stories. In fact, neuroscientists tell us our brains are wired for communication through stories. Telling stories–and listening to stories–is how human beings are able to collaborate and create meaning!


This workshop will teach school leaders how to:

  • Understand story as a technique that can be used to communicate shared vision with school employees, families, and board members.
  • Build trust by telling your own professional story as an educator.
  • Resolve conflicts between disparate stakeholders by facilitating storytelling and listening sessions.
  • Improve collaboration and communication between administration and faculty by co-writing a story that unites the community.
  • Drive strategic planning by employing elements of genre, form, and character to plot a course forward.
  • Amplify historically underrepresented voices and further DEIJ work by cultivating a team of storytellers within your school who can represent your diverse viewpoints.



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