Virtual Whiteboards for Better Collaboration

4 Hours| Virtual | Designed for: Teaching and Learning Faculty

Whiteboards and sticky notes are a staple of active meetings and design thinking exercises. Virtual whiteboard applications recreate (and improve on) the in-person experience of whiteboard collaboration and have become a powerful tool for our classrooms and our teams. In this workshop, participants will try out a number of visual thinking exercises first hand—concept mapping, timelines, conversation diagrams, storyboarding—and explore a catalog of examples for how best to integrate these into existing curriculum. Explore practical frameworks for idea generation, problem-solving, decision-making, documentation, and presentation as well as how best to facilitate whiteboard sessions with your students and teams for authentic connection and collaboration.

Key Questions Covered:
  • How might I use virtual whiteboards to create more active learning experiences?
  • How are white boards being used in curriculum for my discipline?
  • How might students use whiteboards to document their learning and collaborate with peers?
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