Communication and Influencing

2-Day | Virtual | Designed for: Administrators

This workshop focuses on developing capacity for managing interpersonal interactions and strategic relationships, and influencing without authority. In this session participants learn how to constructively manage challenging interpersonal interactions, improve their self-awareness and self- control in communication, and analyze behavior and thought patterns of difficult conversations. The workshop demonstrates new perspectives and tools for engaging in emotionally grueling situations, teaches effective listening and discovery skills, and introduces frameworks for influencing up, down, and across hierarchies.

  • Manage challenging interpersonal interactions
  • Improve self-awareness and self control in communication
  • Analyze behavior and thought patterns in difficult conversations

How this workshop will impact your school:

Every day we engage in conversations that can go well – or poorly – depending on how we handle them. Everything from a decision as simple as whose turn it is to monitor the study hall to whether or not to adopt significant curricular change can become difficult or uncomfortable if not handled well. Unfortunately, communication isn’t just a function of saying what we mean. Too often, we don’t say what we mean, what we think, or how we feel. The vacuum that creates can lead to unintended consequences – generating frustration about ‘whose fault it is’, arousing strong, negative feelings, and creating a situation in which you (or the other person) feels unjustly attacked or maligned.

Whether you are a trying to establish new disciplinary rules with your students or trying to resolve an old dispute with a colleague on your team, you can learn both how to understand and manage difficult conversations more productively.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with our partner: The Bridgeway Group.
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