Ideation: How to Come Up With and Act on the Right Ideas

1-Day | Virtual | Designed for: Heads, Administrators, Department Heads

Too often “ideation” is thought of as work for the “creative” people. The truth is, idea work is critical for school leaders, administrators, and teachers alike. The process of ideation – finding, evaluating, and developing ideas – is a skill anyone can learn and improve. In this workshop, we will investigate key questions: Where do innovative ideas come from? How do we identify and act on the best ones? We will cover ideation attitudes, habits, skills, and strategies including:

  • Everyday “idea-storming” techniques
  • Creating a ideation culture in your school
  • Selecting ideas that best align with your mission
  • Shaping ideas into actionable innovations


As independent schools become more competitive, we are constantly seeking ways to both distinguish ourselves and best prepare our students for an increasingly complex and ambiguous future. Being able to find, evaluate, and implement the most impactful ideas can be overwhelming and lonely work. Building a team of idea hunters around you gives you the best shot of staying one (or ten) steps ahead.

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