Ideation: How to Come Up With and Act on the Right Ideas

5 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Heads, Administrators, Department Heads

Critical for school leaders, administrators, and teachers alike, ideation—imagining, finding, evaluating, and developing ideas—is a skill anyone can learn and improve. In this workshop, participants will explore and test “idea storming” and sorting frameworks, as well as practice rapid-prototyping as an evaluation strategy. Ideas rarely appear out of thin air. Learn how to remix and reuse, how to generate ideas through purposeful observation, and how to build a team of idea hunters in order to create an ideation culture in your schools and classrooms.

Key Questions Covered:
  • Where do innovative ideas come from?
  • How do we identify and act on the best ones?
  • What are the attitudes, habits, and skills I need to become an idea hunter?
  • How might I leverage small experiments and pilots to build innovation muscle?
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