Maximizing Performance for Teams

2-Day | Virtual | Designed for: Administrators

In order to tackle the big, thorny problems that face our schools, we must establish teams who share a sense of purpose, are willing and able to take on innovative initiatives, and feel empowered and confident to get going. This begins by cultivating an environment of psychological safety. How do we get to know our teammate’s strengths and preferences? How do we establish rules of engagement for our communities? How do we ensure problem-solving is inclusive and incorporates a wide range of ideas? In this workshop we will explore:

  • The importance of shared values for teams and how to get there
  • Frameworks for interacting in projects and meetings
  • Negotiation and decision-making tactics for working through conflict


When innovative communities go about solving problems, they expect productive argument about possible solutions. Having a framework for how to proceed when conflict arises as well as mutual respect fosters the listening and openness that’s necessary for risk-taking and collaboration.

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