Supporting Staff Through Change and Uncertainty

8 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Administrators

School leaders have been tested this year as never before as they support staff and faculty through the most challenging school crisis in history. What tactics have worked and what will our faculty still need as we return next Fall? Support begins with connection and sustains with curiosity. In this workshop, school leaders will discover and test practical skills—collaboration, active listening, appreciative inquiry—and tools—reflection, faculty growth and development plans—that will best prepare them for not only the recovery from Covid, but any of the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead.

Key Questions Covered:
  • How do we best support our faculty in times of uncertainty, crisis, and recovery?
  • What lies ahead for us in the coming weeks and months as we return to school for the 2021-22 school year?
  • How might my support need to change depending on how people react to and recover from uncertainty and ambiguity?
  • What are practical tools that will help?
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