Leadership Proximity

5 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Heads, Administrators, Department Heads

A leader cannot be and should not be Atlas—the weight of the world is not his/her/their job to bear alone. However, it IS the leader’s responsibility to create the leadership context that will sustain the school’s vision and support the weight of executing on it. To do so, the leader makes reasoned and humane decisions about where to be in relation to the living systems of the institution. This workshop introduces a visual tool for senior leaders and teams to help reflect on and plan where to be in order to best support progress in their schools and growth in their faculty and administrative teams. In addition, participants will take time to reflect on their own practice and set goals to strengthen it in the school year to come.

Key Questions Covered:

  • How can using Leadership Proximity as a way of approaching leadership challenges and opportunities improve my practice?
  • What is my preferred Leadership Proximity approach?
  • In what ways is my proximity governed by a situation or events?
  • What commitments must I make to support my colleagues and community in the changing schools landscape of 2021?
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