Imaginative Classrooms: Creative Problem Solving for Educators

2 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process is the research-based gold standard of creativity methods.  In CPS for Educators, you will learn the Four CPS Stages — Clarify, Ideate, Develop, and Implement — and how to use the tools and techniques of CPS to enhance lessons and the classroom environment.  CPS also supports 21st Century Learning objectives:

  • Value inquiry and curiosity and provide tools to develop these intuitive inclinations.
  • Embrace creativity, risk-taking, and imagination.
  • Couple creative thinking with critical analysis to unlock possibilities and name solutions.
  • Collaborate as part of a group and communicate complex ideas.

CPS helps both teachers and students become nimble, fluent, innovative thinkers and eager and effective collaborators.

Key Questions Covered:
  • How can I support creativity in my classroom and still meet other learning objectives?
  • How do divergent and convergent thinking promote creativity in the classroom?
  • What is the “creative mindset,” and how do I cultivate it in myself and my students?
  • How can understanding problem-solving preferences help me with classroom management?
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