Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Action

5 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Heads and Administrators

Too often school boards and leaders put extraordinary effort into creating a strategic plan; however, they fall short on the sustained effort to execute on its most critical components. As a result, school leadership hands the community a plan that ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. In this workshop, discover and use a simple yet powerful change management tool that allows you to co-create a strategic plan in partnership with your community. Discover how Elevate’s 2-5-10 change management system provides a disciplined framework with some flexibility, as well as gives the community affected by change a vitally important voice—thus providing the momentum necessary for a satisfying implementation. Using this way of thinking, school leaders in this workshop will plan for an upcoming project that sets clear expectations for progress, prevents overpromising and under-delivering, and positions the people leading the change to maintain focus on what is most important.

Key Questions Covered:
  • How might I best design a strategic plan in concert with my community?
  • How might I best involve the community while still ensuring the integrity of the original vision?
  • How can foreshadowing and pilot programming create necessary community participation, understanding and buy-in to the school’s most vital strategic work?
  • How might I use 2-5-10 in an ongoing way to support change throughout the implementation (even when we hit the inevitable roadblocks)?
  • How might this approach translate to other aspects of the school, from division to department to personal goal setting?
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