Great Management in Times of Crisis: Building Your Leadership Capacity

3-Day | Virtual | Designed for: Heads and Administrators

In a time of crisis, the model of a single person shouldering most of the leadership burden is unsustainable and destined for failure. A well-framed and thoughtful structure is key to making it through these challenges.

Distributed leadership models could be essential. School leaders need to quickly determine who on their teams are able to contribute, how to look past titles and see skills, and then empower these leaders to lead others. In this course, we will cover the step-by-steps of how to best:

  • Conduct a strengths assessment
  • Know your team and distribute leadership based on strengths
  • Establish clear goals and task management systems
  • Use backwards design and systems thinking approaches
  • Communicate the “right” amount with transparency
  • Negotiate with all stakeholders in a way that honors concerns and strengthens community


COVID has created the perfect leadership storm. Not only are we asked to lead through a crisis, that crisis extends without a clear end in sight and we are forced to tackle all of it virtually. Each of these on their own present a significant challenge. Coupled together, we face an unprecedented leadership environment.

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