Ethical Assessment: Measurement, Stories, and Equity

12 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads/Administrators

What if there were a Hippocratic Oath for assessment? Do no harm. And what if it went even further? Do good. This workshop with Gary Chapin of Educating for Good interrogates our assumptions around assessment and offers a frame for Ethical Assessment that is truthful, kind, aligned to the student, and, ultimately, for good. Gary has worked with performance assessment for the past seven years with the Assessment for Learning Project. We’ll be talking about four general principles of an ethical assessment system and also ask, “What does it look like on the ground?” Assessment that is ethical tells a story. It doesn’t merely provide a data point. How can we tell stories that best serve kids?

Questions answered:
  • What is ethical assessment? What will I see in my school, classroom, and kids if I’m doing it?
  • How do our assumptions and beliefs shape how we assess our kids and how we should assess our kids?
  • How do the assumptions and beliefs that underlie the status quo system harm kids?
  • What is a design process for developing ethical assessments and an ethical assessment system?



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