Creating Equitable Learning Environments

10 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads

While educators and school leaders have widely recognized the importance of inclusive curricula, this focus, in and of itself, may be misguided. Inclusive curricula examines what students will learn. In this workshop, we will examine two concepts that we think need to come first: who the learners are and how they access learning opportunities. Designed on the premise of teachers as learners, the workshop will invite participants to see the intersection between the identities they carry and the impact of these identities on student learning. All participants will engage in reflective practice through the use of an equity scan, a process of examining the fundamental structures of the classroom through the lenses of identity, power, and accessibility. The workshop is designed for educators with varying levels of DEI training and may invite participants to work in affinity-based groups.

Key Questions Covered:
  • How do my identities shape my students’ experience?
  • How do I design environments that support my students’ identities?
  • How can I disrupt internalized assumptions about what my students need?

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