Strategies for More Productive Conversations

5 Hours | Plus 2 additional hours of 1-to-1 consulting | Virtual| Designed for: Administrators and Department Heads

School administrators manage strained budgets. Parents hold lofty expectations. Students face daunting pressures. Teachers are stretched in ways they never have been. Current events are divisive. And society is increasingly polarized. Our school environments are increasingly complex, and engaging with their diverse constituencies can be stressful and draining. We need to find ways to thrive and set positive examples for those around us as we navigate these challenges. Developing strategies and skills to manage these conversations and collaborations with sensitivity and purpose can improve our outcomes and the quality of our relationships. This workshop is designed to help us deal with a range of tough conversations, collaborate more effectively and, ultimately, achieve better results.

Key Question Covered:
  • What are the skills, tools, and analytical frameworks that will equip us to engage more clearly and effectively with students, parents, teachers, staff, and other community members?

Course Format: 5 Hours | Virtual

About Your Instructors

This workshop will be facilitated by expert negotiators from The Bridgeway Group which supports individuals and organizations in conflict-affected environments throughout the world. The Bridgeway Group offers training in negotiation, communication, and peacebuilding skills. They strive to provide best practice through coaching, strategic advice, and innovative tools, designed to help transform the negotiation and conflict management cultures of those with whom they work.

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