Leveraging the Nine Virtues for Exceptional Leadership

5 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Current and Aspiring Leaders

Now more than ever—in the midst of Covid-19, the national reckoning with systemic racism, and the increasing bifurcation of our national culture—there is a need for character-based leadership. This workshop will explore how leaders can lean into and develop the virtues (Humility, Honesty, Courage, Perseverance, Hope, Charity, Balance, Wisdom, Justice) necessary to create workplaces where people feel safe, contribute, and thrive in both good times and bad. This workshop provides school leaders a reflective space to think about how they lead as well as how to push their skills forward to meet the evolving demands of educational institutions.

Key Questions Covered:
  • In what ways do each of the nine virtues affect my leadership?
  • Where do I see these virtues in my school?
  • How might I develop my listening skills as a tool to lean into virtuous leadership?
  • How might I best develop the virtues in order to strengthen my leadership approach?
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Nine Virtues of Leadership