Agile School Design: Building Highly Adaptable Learning Environments

3-Day | Virtual | Designed For: Administrators

Now more than ever, schools must be able to rapidly adapt. Adaptability Quotient (AQ) is the capacity to adjust our thoughts and behaviors in order to effectively respond to uncertainty, new information, or change. AQ is not fixed: organizations can be intentional about growing their AQ.

How do you build the muscles and finesse required to be truly agile and adaptable? What are the systems and structures that help? This course will provide a straight-forward approach including how to best:

  • Create an organization-wide culture of innovation
  • Empower and nurture your most innovative practitioners 
  • Come up with and act on your best ideas
  • Foster the psychological safety necessary to support a develop, design, test, and deploy cycle
  • Use design thinking to solve problems and uncover opportunities
  • Practice regular reflection and open/transparent feedback


The future of school has never been more volatile and uncertain. In order to thrive, not only do our brick-and-mortars need to be able to continuously adapt to change, we must pivot and react faster and more efficiently. That work begins with building the adaptability quotient of senior leaders, department heads, teaching faculty, and students alike.

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