Documentation Strategies that Make Thinking Visible

4 Hours | Virtual | Designed for: Teaching Faculty/Department Heads

There is more to formative assessment than the pop quiz. In this workshop, explore a rich landscape of alternatives to traditional grading and reporting practices through documentation. By documenting their own learning process, students become more cognitively aware of the act of learning in the moment. Using photography, video, audio files, flow diagrams, slidedecks and more, participants in this workshop will sample a variety of documentation strategies first-hand. We will also imagine together how students might generate artifacts of learning, for learning, and as learning.

Key Questions Covered:
  • What are the most efficient ways for students to document their learning?
  • How might I best incorporate documentation in a way that is both effective for the learners and efficient in terms of time allowed?
  • How might I use documentation for and as an assessment?
  • What tech tools are the most useful for documentation?
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