Enabling your school to respond to these rapidly changing times.

What sets EXPLO Elevate apart is that it breathes and diffuses a spirit of mutual cooperation. Belonging to the EXPLO Elevate network for even a couple of months has meant finding peer schools not only willing but eager to share best practices and struggle through common challenges.

Owen Boynton Director of the Center for Innovation & Design, Morristown-Beard School

Our Approach

EXPLO Elevate is dedicated to getting to know schools deeply, so we can quickly and efficiently help you move forward. Our cooperative model keeps us grounded in the most current and pressing needs of schools, allowing us to help both member and non-member schools in a highly responsive way.


Our members inform our agenda and co-create with us and each other.

Holistic Approach

We use systems- and design-thinking approaches to tackle big problems.

Diverse Perspectives

We are idea hunters, drawing ideas from multiple domains.

Practical & Useful

We create and curate practical and useful tools, and don’t overwhelm schools with content.

Our mission is to empower schools to design and build the learning environments needed for students to thrive now and in the future.

Founding Member Schools

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