Finding a New Station and Story: SEED + SPARK

Ross Peters is a lifelong educator, poet and photographer who leads school strategy for Explo Elevate, a global learning cooperative. He writes frequently about education at

Anyone of a certain age remembers when we had to dial into a new radio station as soon as our hometown favorite started to fade out, about fifty miles out of town.

With one hand on the wheel and the other on the knob, we searched for what could come next. Voices muddled together and drowned each other out. Zeroing in was elusive, at times frustrating, as voices toggled between the cacophony of Top 40, Country, and Classic Rock drumming rhythms.

Amidst the noise, we sought the signal.

As we look toward a new year and a new age, all of us are once again fifty miles out of town.

With the madness of 2020 about to give way to the uncertainty of 2021 (and beyond), we need a new station — and a new story — one whose songlines and central rhythms can ground us in our collective past, while orienting us towards our emergent future(s).

What if we could do that work together?

Beginning on 1.21.21 — the day after Inauguration Day in the United States — we intend to do so, by way of a yearlong expedition on which each of us can find the station that will solve our most nettled questions, and the shared strength and clarity that comes from using nature as a more intentional guide to right-size our human footprint, and redesign the human systems that have held us prisoner for too long.

In the coming weeks, the design of that expedition is actively unfolding.

We invite you to peer in anytime — and offer your own ideas and suggestions. 

A new world is struggling to be born. 

Join us on our quest to help it along, and INQUIRE WITHIN!