Lead with authenticity, confidence, and joy.

Excelle is…

a collective of women—current independent school heads and those who aspire to that role—seeking the personal and professional self-care female leaders desperately need yet are too busy to create. Unlike executive coaching which can be limited to the experiences of the partnership, we curate your cohort to optimize the collective experience ensuring you will feel seen, heard, and ready to Excelle.

Our Calendar

June 2022

3-Day Launch Celebration
(Providence, RI)
>> District Hall Providence

Sept ’22-Jun ’23

Monthly cohort sessions
Ongoing individual consulting

Our Tracks

Excelle Executive

For current executive leaders at a school.
Heads, Presidents

Excelle Aspiring

For those moving toward executive leadership in schools
Adminstrators, Leadership Team

For Your Leadership

  • Strengthen Board Relations
  • Guide the Leadership Team to Promote Your Priorities
  • Support Faculty and Student Wellness
  • Set the Right Pace for New School Initiatives
  • Put Diversity and Inclusion into Action
  • Find Your Effective Communication Style
  • Keep up with Evolving Technology & Your Online Presence

For Yourself

  • Managing Through Crises to Avoid Stress & Fatigue
  • Personal Styling & Branding
  • Physical Wellness/Nutrition
  • Mindfulness/Mental Health
  • Shared Inspiration (books, podcasts, media)

Origin Story

As a former Search Consultant at Carney Sandoe & Associates, I routinely recruited incredibly talented female leaders for head of school openings. Many were reluctant to take the plunge because of how the position is perceived, specifically related to potential work/life sacrifices. As the Search Chair and now Board Chair at The Gordon School I worked to hire and transition a new female head of school and saw first-hand the myriad of challenges surrounding the role. I am inspired to help women lead with authenticity, confidence, and joy. I believe this work begins with relationship building and I am excited to join EXPLO Elevate and create a dynamic and useful collective for current and aspiring women leaders.


On April 7, we hosted a webinar called “GatHERing Greatness: Women Leading Independent Schools” featuring Dr. Noni Thomas Lopez, Head of School, The Gordon School, and Carrie Green, Director of Middle School, Kent Denver School. Watch the video here.

Ready to Excelle?

Application Deadline: January 15, 2022

Limited space available

Excelle is a project of EXPLO Elevate.