Elevate Newsletter: June 10, 2022

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner.

It has been a busy week at EXPLO Elevate. Good busy.

Earlier in the week we had a fantastic team meeting. As our team of Senior Consultants grows to meet various types of school needs, we spent time getting to know each other better and discovering the areas of deep alignment that underpin our work. It was an amazing opportunity to hear each of them describe what they are thinking about and working on. I can’t wait for the next time we will gather as a group in July.

Additionally this week, we have been working (as some of you may be) pushing to meet the proposal deadline for the NAIS Conference in Las Vegas next year. For me, this has been a centering exercise. Given that it will be the first in-person NAIS Conference in a couple of years, I have reflected with a couple of colleagues in the school world about what is important now. How do we not only come to understand the world in which our schools operate, but also more forward assertively when the context in which teachers and leaders do the important work of school is confronting so much trauma, anxiety, and complexity?

Finally, I have been working on several different school projects over the last few days. It has been remarkably rewarding to see several projects moving toward a conclusion. I continue to be impressed with the focus and determination of the heads, boards, faculty, and staff with whom I am working.

At EXPLO Elevate, we believe schools can and indeed will continue to rise to the occasion, AND we recognize and indeed are on deck to partner with schools who are moving forward at the same time they are healing. We believe the two tasks–moving forward and healing–can be and must be symbiotic.

As always keep an eye on our webpage. Dave Hamilton just posted the next installment of Designs in 90 Seconds, and we have some great stuff in the queue in the next week.

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