Please RSVP for our upcoming member-only convening

7:30 pm EST | Wed, March 24, 2021

Supporting Staff through the Pandemic: A Leadership Conversation with Susan Perry

Recently, we hosted a webinar on Supporting Staff through the Pandemic, with Dr. Susan Perry. What we learned from Susan during this webinar is that not only are we still in the “disillusionment” phase of dealing with the crisis but also that the global pandemic will impact our community for months and even years ahead. We have had many conversations with both our members and our broad network on the ways to nurture faculty in the past year. So, how do we continue to support our faculty now and what will our faculty need going forward? We thought it would be beneficial for members to engage with Susan in a smaller group setting. We will be structuring the hour as a group conversation. Feel free to attend ready to join in or ready to listen.

Free and open to school leaders and administrators from EXPLO Elevate Member schools.