Announcing: Summer Strategic Planning Workshop!

We are excited to announce a three-day, action-packed, highly facilitated workshop to help you create your school’s strategic roadmap for implementation!

Supporting School Leaders Through Strategic Change

August 17-19, 8:00am-3:00pm, at the New England Innovation Academy, Marlborough, MA

Leading is different from managing. Strategy is not a strategic plan. Drawing on their experience with schools across the country, Meghan Cureton and Ross Peters will provide the structure and framework for your team to develop:

  • A set of milestones
  • Key performance indicators or metrics of success
  • A dashboard to manage your strategy
  • Actionable roadmap to make your vision a reality

Don’t settle on doing this meaningful work at your own schools and risk getting interrupted, losing momentum or feeling lost. Join experienced facilitators and a cohort of leaders that will bring new ideas and perspectives that will help you sharpen your own.


THE WHAT: Three-day, action-packed, highly facilitated workshop to help you create your school’s strategic roadmap for implementation.

THE WHY: It is one thing to sketch a bold vision, a solid strategic plan, or a set of strategic priorities, it is another thing to get there.

WHO + WHAT TO BRING: Bring your team, your strategic plan, and your mission/vision/values to help ground you in the work.

OUR GUARANTEE: You will head back to school feeling energized and inspired about the upcoming year!

FOLLOW-UP: Monthly follow-up coaching calls with the facilitators throughout the fall.

Your facilitators:

Meghan Cureton is an innovative organizational leader, educational administrator and independent consultant and Learning Experience Designer. Most recently, she served as the Upper School Head of Learning and Innovation at The Mount Vernon School. With over fifteen years of professional experience in Education, Meghan is an enthusiastic learner. She is an advocate for purposeful, project-based learning and teaching, as well as an advocate for mastery learning. Highlights of her work include: In her work at Mount Vernon, she served as Head of Learning and Innovation where her main role was to coach faculty and create a culture of learning and growth. She was also creator and founding Director of Innovation Diploma: a social impact program designed to empower students to engage in meaningful work within the community. Meghan has consulted with a variety of schools, working primarily with senior leaders, to implement transformative educational practices in a systemic way. She is the founder of Cureton Consulting and a founding member of Impact.Ed, which exists to create an optimistic future through K12 social impact programs.

Ross Peters is the Managing Partner of EXPLO Elevate, leading our consulting team after making significant contributions at the independent schools he has served. Beginning his career with eight years at Providence Day School as a middle and upper school English teacher, he served in significant leadership roles at Asheville School (Assistant Head), Hawken School (Upper School Director), The Westminster Schools (Upper School Head), and St. George’s Independent School (Head of School). The common denominator of these various roles has been his dedication to thoughtful advancement in the practice of teachers and schools. He has been a part of, and indeed led, substantial and successful institutional change processes impacting student learning wherever he has served.

He serves or has served on the Boards of the National Association of Independent Schools, the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, and Bridges USA. He and his wife Katie also served as members of the Family Partners Council at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital.