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Using the Design Cycle as Tool for Curriculum Design

by Dave Hamilton, Creative Director. At the end of May, we traveled to St. Mary’s School in Orange County, CA, where we ran a workshop about how to use the design process as a curriculum design tool regardless of the age of your students or the discipline you teach. St. Mary’s School is the only […]

Adaptive Leadership: Reducing Drag Without Losing Forward Progress

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner It has been a busy time at EXPLO Elevate as we, like schools, strive to embody the ability to change as we navigate strategic initiatives and as we respond daily to the world around us that is undergoing dramatic and often painful stresses. We aspire to add strength to your […]

Landing the Plane: Finding Clarity within Complexity

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. The cockpit–all those screens and switches, too many to count, plus lights, blue, yellow-orange, red. If things are really rough, a buzzer might sound. The voices from the tower are muffled in the radio. If this plane is an organization, its strategy and its people are being tested in the […]

Storytelling for Stronger Communities and Deeper Learning

by Dave Hamilton, Creative Director and Gary Chapin, Consultant and Writer for Educating for Good. Our brains are wired for stories. Telling and listening to stories is how human beings collaborate and create meaning. So, how might we better harness the power of storytelling in our classrooms and schools? We are excited to announce two new professional […]

What is the Purpose of Independent Schools?

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. At EXPLO Elevate, we have had a lot to say about strategy over the last few years. Independent schools use the “s” word a lot, but somehow their use of it has often watered down its meaning – attach it to everything, and it will mean nothing. Talk about mission, […]

Tune Your Project’s Design Dials

by David Hamilton, Creative Director. When designing challenge-based projects for students, key in on three distinct constraints: environment, materials, and rules.  Imagine the following scenario. You’ve designed a great challenge for your class and just moments ago, you set them free to work on it for the rest of the period. There is a happy […]

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