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Great Students are Broad-Minded Thieves

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. Sometimes I get jealous. It is not my best characteristic. I get jealous of original creators, grand designers, audacious planners, brave playwrights, brilliant poets, superlative musicians, and always relevant, inventive, student-focused educators. I do not ever wish such people anything but success, and I do not want to be them […]

Listen, Darn, Ask: Three lessons from OPPI

by David Hamilton, Creative Director. What is OPPI? I just returned from Criel, France, where I was once again lucky to take part in OPPI, the most impactful education “conference” I’ve ever attended. “Conference” is the wrong word. It makes me think of towering convention centers, keynote speakers, and hundreds of people droning in and […]

Beyond the Event Horizon: Curricular Transformation

by Greg Cooper, Dean of Studies at EXPLO Senior. The third in a series about how the laws of physics informed my school’s decision to cut APs. The event horizon of a black hole is a chaotic place, a “point of no return,” the border beyond which even light cannot escape. That final edge is […]

Looking Ahead to Better Days!

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. It has been a “good busy” few weeks at EXPLO Elevate. Our work has included some fantastic schools: Willows Community School (CA), Greenhills (MI), Phillips Academy-Andover (MA), Inly School (MA), Porter-Gaud School (SC), Millbrook School (NY), and Highlands School (AL). Our frequent flier miles are climbing and will continue to […]

Join EXPLO’s Marble Run Challenge!

by David Hamilton, Director of Programs. We invite you and your students to take on EXPLO’s Marble Run Challenge.  Here’s a low-cost, ready-to-go, paper engineering challenge. All you need is some paper (cardstock is even better), scissors, a glue stick and a timer. Watch our Designs in 90 Seconds video below for the details and […]

Designs in 90 Seconds: The Design Cycle

by David Hamilton, Director of Programs. In our latest “Designs in 90 Seconds” video, we look at the design cycle and demonstrate the importance of cycling by testing early and often. As the name implies, a design “cycle” is a cyclical problem-solving approach in which designers ideate, plan, build, test, and evaluate prototypes, and then […]

Finding the Escape Velocity for Dramatic Policy Changes

by Greg Cooper, Dean of Studies at EXPLO Senior. The second in a series about how the laws of physics informed my school’s decision to cut APs. I have always been fascinated by black holes — regions of spacetime with such an immense gravitational force that not even light can escape. Facing such a big […]

Heroes and the Imagination: A New Moonshot

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. My memory of the moon landing, fifty-three years ago this July, is no doubt a blend of memory and embellishment. I was so young it is difficult to unknit what actually happened from what has filled the space between fact and a four-year old’s fantasy of it. I definitely remember […]

Gravitational Lensing and the Educational Universe

by Greg Cooper, Dean of Studies at EXPLO Senior. How the laws of physics informed my school’s decision to cut APs. The first images from the James Webb telescope introduced the uninitiated public to the idea of gravitational lensing. This might be nothing new to those with an amateur fascination of physics and space. But […]

Practice Vertical Empathy… Please! Vital Ingredients for a Healthy School Culture

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. Steamy stuff in our part of the world. This week my family and I started in Atlanta, GA, went to Norris Lake, TN, and now are in Richmond, VA, my hometown. It is aggressively hot and humid – as soon as we open the door to go outside the heat […]

Elevate Newsletter: The Far and the Near: June 24th 2022

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. The Far and the Near: Keep long-term strategy and shorter-term tactics operating in relation to each other This week my daughter and I are in Glacier National Park. Even with some trails flooded and others still too icy, it has been a special and wonderful trip. The decision to come […]

It’s Time to Teach Undisciplined: The Power of Interdisciplinary Thinking

by Casey Baird, History Teacher, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences. I’m a teacher and a generalist thinker. My interests aren’t bounded by any subject. So over the last couple of years, as a history teacher at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, CA, I have been trying to teach in a […]

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