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Dance + Coding = Undisciplined

By Dave Hamilton, Creative Director. Tanina Urbanski is a dancer. Her first memory of dancing was a toddler ballet class. “It was Halloween Week. We had our leotard, skirt, and ballet shoes (so fun). We also got to dress up in costumes (even more fun.) I dressed up as Batgirl, putting my hands on my […]

ChatGPT is Not a Shot Over the Bow

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. We are going to have so much to learn over the next year. More than usual, I think, and I am scared and excited and anxious and expectant and dubious and hopeful. ChatGPT is not a shot over a bow warning of an event to come at some point in […]

Strategic as a Beaver

by Sara Mierke, Senior Consultant. Schools should be like beaver ponds. In today’s complex, dynamic, and uncertain world, our students and our communities need our schools to be: spaces of safety, growth and wellness for children and adults integral to local networks of diverse stakeholders instigators and innovators of quality education for all learners, and […]

Add an Expert to Your Team

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. It has been a busy several weeks here at EXPLO Elevate after Thanksgiving and before the Holidays. There have been a number of highlights, including a great week of listening sessions with parents at The Willows Community School in LA, faculty listening sessions at The Meadowbrook School in Boston, and, […]

How to Create Actionable Hope in Our Students

by Leah Van der Sluis, Director of Teaching + Learning, EXPLO Junior. Actionable hope needs to be the north star that guides our work in education right now, and the tools of immersion and overview can help get us there. In Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human […]

Great Students are Broad-Minded Thieves

by Ross Peters, Managing Partner. Sometimes I get jealous. It is not my best characteristic. I get jealous of original creators, grand designers, audacious planners, brave playwrights, brilliant poets, superlative musicians, and always relevant, inventive, student-focused educators. I do not ever wish such people anything but success, and I do not want to be them […]

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